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Competent Fire Safety Practioners, Annual Fire Safety



Our Essential Fire Services team works with building owners, agents, facility managers and contractors.

FSD Consultancy ensures that the ongoing safety, reliability and maintenance for the building’s essential services and fire safety obligations are being met.

Our qualified and experienced Staff (Competent Fire Safety Practitioners and Engineers) provide a full consulting service.

Our expertise in the fire system technologies extends to:

  • Fire hydrant and hose reels
  • Residential and commercial fire sprinklers
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • VESDA™ detection systems
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Access and egress
  • Emergency lighting
  • Mechanical smoke hazard management

Our Team & Expertise

  • Conducts inspections and audits, and tailors schedules and reports for new and existing buildings
  • Customises maintenance manuals and performance measures to meet Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards
  • Provides AS1851 advice, including adopting the latest industry maintenance standards
  • Conducts inspections of passive elements, fire penetrations, paths of travel and exits
  • Provides advice during DLP maintenance
  • Coordinates full function fire system interface tests
  • Prepares baseline data (tactical and Tenancy plans, schedules etc) and fire matrix
  • Prepares annual essential safety measures reports and fire safety statement
  • Our building code and fire and life safety team take a proactive approach to building control, through facilitating certification, audit, due diligence, compliance and approval.
  • Advises on regulation, code and fire and life safety for building projects
  • Identifies alternative, cost-effective design solutions to achieve compliance
  • Liaises with relevant statutory authorities
  • Provides certification
  • Conducts building code audits and due diligence
  • Conducts building inspections during construction

How we can help you

Our qualified and experienced Staff (Competent Fire Safety Practitioners and Engineers) provide a full consulting service.

Our staff’s thorough understanding of the Building Code of Australia and relevant Australian Standards in relation to fire services, combined with strong industry experience of systems installations, allow us to deliver efficient, economical and effective designs that can be easily understood by the design team and authorities alike.

FSD works proactively with other private certifiers, local authorities, fire safety engineers and fire brigades, ensuring a concise understanding of fire and life safety design solutions, as well as confidence in our capabilities, to provide certainty for our clients.

With our extended local association with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, and our fire services knowledge and reputation, FSD is one of very few recognised Independent Certifiers of fire services installations.

  • FSD provides a range of fire protection design and certification services including the following:
  • Fire sprinkler and drencher systems
  • Fire hydrant and hose reel systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Special hazard systems (gas, foam, water mist)
  • Smoke detection and alarm systems
  • Emergency evacuation systems (EWIS and OWS)
  • Third Party Independent Certification

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D services design and documentation in Revit is actively adopted to meet our clients requirements

FSD helps to safeguard communities, businesses and the assets we value – by helping our clients with insights into risk and human behaviour, as well as advanced simulation and analysis.

FSD’s advanced approach to fire engineering means that we rise to the challenges posed by all types of structures. Whether providing code consultancy, strategic advice, fire prevention through specialised fire safety design, construction supervision, inspection and risk assessment, or post-fire recovery, our work is grounded in fire science.

An Integrated Approach

Our solutions meet the challenges of the many sectors we work in. Whatever the context, we tailor our response to match clients’ individual objectives – from strategies to manage their fire safety and protection risks and user-friendly management regimes, to construction compliance services that reduce programme delays.

A Pragmatic Approach

Fire safety cannot be understood in isolation. Fire engineering often negotiates a delicate balance between the competing demands of design innovation, sustainability, functionality and fire performance. Our fire specialists regularly tackle briefs that challenge standard fire safety design approaches


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